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Dear Tango lovers! 

Dear artists and our wonderful Team!


A Message from

Teresa Herrlinger


Eleonora Kalganova


Due to COVID-19, we must CANCELL the Crown Jewel of Tango Festivalito on May 14 -17. 

This is regrettable but the most responsible decision to make or everyone’s health and for the suppression of the virus.

At this time, we reschedule it for NEXT YEAR 

 we will keep you posted about NEW DATES.


At this stage we would like to express our THANK YOU and deepest gratitude to all and everyone who trusts, is and has been supporting us in the course of preparations of the event.

"our dear guests, our DJ’s,our Maestros"


The Tango since its beginnings has survived numeruous wars, revolutions and juntas, and we look forward to it surviving also the outbrake of the current virus by us, stay safe, and lookking forward to see you nex year in May 2021



Teresa Herrlinger and Eleonora Kalganova

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