Chantal Forgues

Chantal is from Miami, Florida, USA. She has been an agentine tango dancer, teacher, organizer and DJ for the last 12 years. Her tango experience, enriched by her classical dance and musical backgrown, included training with great argentinian tango masters in USA and Argentina. She is one of the organizers of Las Pebetas milonga en Miami and has DJ in Asia, Europe and S. Africa.


Maxi is appassionate with Tango's Golden Age. All his music is based in this epoque with some tones of 50's and 60's. He consider that today the tandas must be mixed with the new generation of orchestras as Sexteto Milonguero, Tango Bardo, Romantica Milonguera to give an example, this perfect mix makes it possible for an incredible and unforgettable night to all dancers


Dr.Nelson Lopez

Dr. Nelson Lopez has 20 years of experience as an Argentinian Tango DJ.
For the last 12 years he has played his music exclusively at La Ideal Milonga in Hallandale Beach, Florida which is considered to be the best, largest  and most popular milonga in all South Florida.