FESTIVALITO " Crown Jewel of Tango sponsored by “Crown Jewel of Dancesport2019

   Mariano Bejarano

Mariano has DJ’d for over a decade and regularly plays 8-10 hours a week of tango music for milongas and practicas. He is constantly researching and digging around in the archives of tango music for new inspiration. As a DJ, Mariano’s main concern is always to keep people dancing. As a dancer himself, for Mariano, DJ’ing is a dynamic relationship with the dancers and unique every time - requiring the DJ to be perceptive of mood, skill level, and flexible with the music. For this reason, Mariano never prepares a list of tandas. Every tanda and cortina is a response to the energy of the dancers.

In addition to DJ’ing his milongas in Miami, Mariano has been invited to DJ in Buenos Aires, Rosario, and throughout the United States (San Diego, Los Angeles, Tampa, Gulfport, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Houston, Chicago, Austin, New York, New Orleans) and at festivals including Fantasy Festival (Miami), Florida Tango Festival (Ft Lauderdale), Red Carpet Tango (Las Vegas), One City Tango Marathon (Newport News, VA), UTF Festival (Tampa), Tango Gypsy Marathon (Detroit) and the Honolulu Tango Marathon (Honolulu).

"I want to re-create the excitement of why people in the old days were so crazy to dance this music." - Mariano Bejarano

           Petra Moreno

Petra was introduced to Tango many years ago, and solidified her passion for the music and the dance in 2011 when she started traveling for festivals and workshops here in this country and in Europe. After two trips to Buenos Aires, she started dj’ing locally in Ann Arbor and in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Her style tends to be high energy, regardless of the tandas being rhythmic or melodic.

Chantal Forgues

Chantal is from Miami, Florida, USA. She has been an agentine tango dancer, teacher, organizer and DJ for the last 12 years. Her tango experience, enriched by her classical dance and musical backgrown, included training with great argentinian tango masters in USA and Argentina. She is one of the organizers of Las Pebetas milonga en Miami and has DJ in Asia, Europe and S. Africa.