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The team of «Tango En Vivo» - is a talented team of musicians, created by bandoneonist Ivan Talanin. Our musicians are unique and charismatic! We will be glad to see you among our fans, we are playing our music for you!

Most bright, kind and positive emotions you can get by hearing the fascinating tango music from the band «Tango En Vivo».


Members of the orchestra:

Ivan Talanin (bandoneon), Anton Semke (violin), Dmitry Kiselev (piano), Gleb Izotov (bass).


During the year the orchestra has been successful to the public, he released his debut album “El Classico” and conquered Argentina! Author's arrangements and virtuoso musicianship make their performances unforgettable!

A trip to Buenos Aires at the biggest and most famous international tango festival "Tango BA Festival y Mundial" dropped in August 2016.

In Argentina, the album was sold with incredible speed, the orchestra applauded the audience at the most famous milongas like "La Viruta", "La Baldosa", "Salon Canning", the team participated live in the oldest tango-radio "La2x4" and won the TV show "Morfi" on the popular canal South America "Telefe". The live broadcast of the first episode involving "Tango en Vivo" has gathered an incredible amount of feedback, comments, and views! The orchestra began to learn on the streets of Buenos Aires. The Quartet was invited to the TV program for the second time. It was followed by the third, where the team played the winners of the festival.

 "Tango en vivo" the only orchestra which cooperates with the Embassy of Argentina in Russia, and the Russian Embassy in Argentina.


The repertoire can be found here :



The orchestra has toured Europe, Asia and Russia.

Participation in international festivals:

- Tango festival, Nuremberg, Germany

- Tango Fiesta, Seoul, South Korea

- Tango festival, Shanghai, China

- Tango festival, Singapore, etc.